Review Policy:

Want us to review a book? Go to the About The Inkies page for a way to reach us.

Our reviews: Reviews on The Splatter of Ink contain *drum roll, please*

  • cover art
  • publishing information (such as the release date, publisher, genre, age group, etc.), 
  • and a review. 

We rate books out of five stars
  • one being: we hated it. 
  • and five being: OH MY GOODNESS WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WITH THE REST OF MY LIFE *SOBS* (or, in other words, A Really Good Book.) 
Reviews might also contain promotional materials, such as book trailers, websites, contests, and widgets. Our reviews are guaranteed 110% honest.  Specifics of the review can be discussed individually.

What we review: If it's a book, we'll consider reviewing it. However, only books that can be labeled as young adult readers (12-18) will be accepted, as well as middle grade (12-14). 

Book Review Details: 

We are happy to know and talk to the authors that we have reviewed, so if you want to make a guest post or have an author interview, please CONTACT US!!!

When we have received a book for review, we will often be able to finish it in the maximum of two weeks. However, if you would like a review before that time, please let us know. 


  • Books we have requested for review
  • Books sent to us for review
  • Books we have to read for English class about that old guy in tights. Who is that again? Shakes-something-or-other? Yeah. 
We don't like to read books out of order, so if you are sending us a sequel to a previous novel you wrote, we'd like it if you sent prequels as well.

Format: The most frequent (and preferred) type of format we will accept would be bound books, such as galleys, ARC's, and an already published novel. However, some of us do have e-readers that can be used upon request. All other formats (such as PDF files, etc.,) will be decided on a case-by-case basis. 

Self-Published Books: We currently accept self-published novel review requests.

*Please note that we do not respond to every request email. If we do not respond to you a week after sending the email, please note that we are not interested in reading the title voiced in that pitch/request. Junk mail will be checked regularly for misplaced emails.

Privacy Policy:

We respect and value other people's privacy. WE DO NOT WANT TO KNOW: your birthday, address, or anything else that would be an internet hazard to you. All comments with personal information will be deleted immediately for your safety. When hosting contests/giveaways, A Splatter of Ink will ask for your email if you win. We will give you 48 hours after the announcement of the winners to provide your address for us to mail your prizes to. This information will not be recorded after mailings. If you do not feel comfortable with providing this information, please do not enter them. Thank you for following this important policy.

Giveaway Policy:

All giveaways will be open to U.S. residents only. (Sorry, other parts of the world.) Certain giveaways will be available for international readers. All winners are chosen randomly using Rafflecopter. Only one entry per person unless detailed in contest summary. All winners will be given 48 hours to respond to The Inkie's email before another winner is chosen.