Thursday, September 6, 2012

The International Kissing Club

Author: Ivy Adams
Pages: 400
Publisher: Walker & Company
Publication: January 3rd 2012
Age Group: Young Adult (14-18)
Book Source: ARC
Challenge(s)- Debut Author Challenge (2012)

Meet Piper- fashionista, drama queen and kiss the pig star.
Mei- Adopted, serious, studious.
Cassidy- sporty, flirty, fun.
Izzy- wholesome, over-looked- with an idiot family.

What do these four girls have in common? They all live in tiny Paris, Texas and are best friends for life. All eagerly awaiting escape from a Hell called Paris. When opportunity arises all four best friends have the chance to go on a foreign exchange student program and part their separate ways for the first time… ever. That is when the International Kissing Club is born! They all create anonymous avatars and brag about all of their foreign kissing games- that is until Izzy cannot afford to go. Will this international quest to kiss foreign boys all around the world bring them closer? Or will it tear their friendships apart?
     I had a hard time getting into this book. One main reason was the beginning felt rather cheesy-it took me a little bit to get past this and as soon as they started their great adventure I got really into it. Another thing that bugged me was Ivy Adams overused cliffhangers. I got a serious overdose of cliffhangers- then she would switch it and then I had to just expect that for the end of every single chapter.

     She also every chapter changed points of views so if Piper had a cliffhanging crisis then I would have to read three more chapters before I would even get to hear about this “crisis” then when I got back to that point of view it wasn’t even a cliff hanger anymore it was just- “what is she up to now?” Oh YEAH- there was that cliffhanger that really made me mad- now that I think about it.

     Also the plot was almost boringly predictable, but I really liked it because it was a standalone novel. I hardly ever find any of those its always “trilogy” or “series” not a single good story that leaves you satisfied. I really enjoyed this book,  aside from the cheese. But if you can handle a little cheese and (WARNING) INSTA-LOVE, then this book is good, if not don't waste your time. Also, by cheese I mean a cheese-stick dipped in cheese fried in cheese  a little bit of cheese sprinkles, with cheese dipping sauce. Extra cheesy.

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